Augment and Scale Human Expertise

Everything we do aims to help you answer the question:

What sectors and companies best capitalize an emerging trend?

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Situational Knowledge Graph

Harnessing the potential of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Situational Knowledge Graph, our AI platforms empower financial professionals and individuals worldwide to see more, decide better, and act faster.


Passion for Advanced Technologies is a machine intelligence company. Our augmented search is designed to demystify long-term insights investing and its underlying drivers of both value creation and risks.

Streamlined Data Integration, dive straight into analysis.

Gain granular insights into trends with time-series analysis.

Accelerate time-to-decision, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Immediate lift with long-term value.

Marry Algorithms and Expertise

Context Intelligence

We believe the next arm-race of machine intelligence will take us to improving quality of context intelligence and thematic insights. We deliver context intelligence that transforms disconnected and unstructured data points into a story, and enables our users to grow wealth with a richer lens of transparency and confidence.

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